Friday, February 4, 2011

Free iCarly Denim Shirt

If you are from Sweden -
If you are a member - visit the club, if you aren't member already Join the iCarly club:

If you don't live in Sweden and you are a MEMBER of the iCarly club follow this steps:
1)Go to one of these Swedish proxies 
2)Paste this link in the url box:
3)Click GO or Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Login to stardoll, wait a little till page loads
5)That's it, Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as normal

Top should be in a iCarly bag in your suite :D

If you aren't a member of the club yet
You have to Set a Swedish manual proxy like

IP Address: Port: 80 Or
IP Address: Port: 8000 Or
IP Address: Port: 80 Or
IP Address: Port: 80 Or
IP Address: Port: 80
HERE for more proxies.

When you have set the manual proxy -
1)Go to stardoll, Log in and paste this link in the internet balk:
2)Join the club
[If club page doesn't load at first, log out, close the browser and open it to try again]

Top should be in a iCarly bag in your suite :D

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