Friday, February 18, 2011

Not much

There is not much to write about on new fashion at the minute so I thought I would just tell you of some of the newest clothes released in stardoll :) There is a gorgeous dress and gloves released which was inspired by the dress by Alexis Mabille, it is stunning and I would love to make some outfits with these pieces.This is the really good news the dress only costs 14 stardollars and the gloves only 5! You could buy the gloves with one days of play and earn

There is also a rather pretty party dress released called the ribboned layer dress. You may have seen a few dresses like it but it is still a really nice piece and addition to any wardrobe. It is only 8 stardollars and is such a good price for this dress and you may be seeing it on a few dolls I think.
Do you like any of the pieces shown and will you buy any?...