Wednesday, February 23, 2011

High Waisted Skirt! A MUST. (2)

Hey! :)
So My Last Post Talked about The High Waisted Skirt from ELLE or Basic or Any Brand! So Today I will be showing you some Outfits to get inspired!
-Dont Forget to Find a top that Matchs with the skirt or a White or Black Top
-Use A Bag that is in the Same Shades as the skirt or as the Top.
Exemple: A Beige skirt, A Brown bag
A Pink Skirt, a Magenta Bag
Or A Bag that has Alot of Colour but that is still matching.
If you don't understand the Exemples, Just Look at the outfits and You'll understand :)
-Sabine/ Banane-choco xoxo