Monday, February 28, 2011

Hidden items

I know my posts are to be about new fashion but as some of you may not know, there are some hidden stores which you cannot find through search. To help you get some new items of fashion I have left links for a few of these stores. If you just click on the pictures they will add the things to your basket on stardoll and all you have to do is log in and choose if you like any ^_^

This first store is a make up store and you can find new colours and different techtures of make up from this store.

And if you click on this link above you will get Aly and Aj items added to your dressing room and Heidi Klum items. These include some posters and t-shirts.
Hope you find some items you like in there =]

Unfortuneately they are not free but if you find something nice you may want to buy it.

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