Saturday, February 19, 2011

New volie store

There is a new part out in Voile, it contains all of the dresses I showed you yesterday and a few more. They are very nice , although I am unsure about the purple and pink one *o* . So for a challenge I want you to show me how you can make this dress look pretty or wearable. Just leave a screenshoot in comments with an url for tinypic or something :) I will show the winning outfit up here , on a post and then they can model some new clothes.

There are some non superstar pieces and they are all very nice.
Then there is also a really sweet little two piece dress/suit out in pretty and pink now. It is really pretty and the top is 9 sd and the bottom(skirt) is 7 sd. Not to bad and they seem to match every doll. It is inspired or taken from a Chanel piece and I have shown it below being worn by Diana Kruger and then the small photo is of it on the catwalk.

What do you think, aren't they nice..

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