Friday, February 25, 2011

March Hot buys

The March Hotbuys have been released. They are quite different from some we have seen before and I am very fond of some of them. I have left the release dates for them below the photo and have tried to get together some pictures of real life Hotbuys.

I am afraid I am unsure how to get the image with the dates that come up when you scroll over , if anyone knows how could you please tell me in comments or something. Thanks♥

Hotbuys Vest -RIO -March 1st
Hotbuys Feather -Fudge - March 5th
Hotbuys Dress- Fudge - March 8th
Hotbuys Sweater- Fudge - March 22nd
Hotbuys Star Tie -Evil Panda- March 11th
Hotbuys Blouse -Pretty In Pink - March 15th
Hotbuys Bag- Fudge - March 17th
Hotbuys Stud Dress -Fallen Angel  - March 20th
Hotbuys Flash Skirt- Evil Panda -March 29th
Hotbuys Shoes -RIO - March 3rd
Here are some images of the real clothing items
ring by Topshop

Dress and tie from Paul Smith
 Miu Miu Top
Are you excited about any of them? Are you already planning what to buy? Tells us below

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