Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dinner Look

Hello there again,
I'm just going to talk to you about this hot look
The dinner look is simply a look that you would wear when going out to dinner with your friends.


1. Apply the black and white eyeliner around your eye's
as well as the lashes.
[The white will make your eyes pop out and give it a good look]

2. Rub the Sea colour blue eyeshadow on the top of the lids.
make sure that each sides are even. When applying the eye shadow make a
cloudy effect, It really does make a difference

3.On top of the dark blue, Put a dash of light blue over the top

4.Once done, apply the purple next to the blue. [ this should blend in ]

5.Last and not least, compliment your lips with
the red lipstick [ This should make your face glow]

6. Add Accessories / and blush to finish it off.

[ I hope you like it ]

xx Natasha-rox286

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