Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New archive

Stardoll have gotten rid of all the old archive clothes and replaced them with lots of new clothes. I love quite a few of them and have searched starbazaar for a reasonably priced pip top. There is also a few rarer items in there, that though it is nice they are out, may annoy collectors. Understandably so, but over all there are some really nice items.

Will you buy any? Did you buy any of them originally?

Hotbuys top

This is the last hotbuy for May and it is a very good item to go out with. The top is a pretty shape and the pattern is a light purple/lavender colour and would work well with a lot of clothes. It costs 15 stardollars and like the vast majority of hotbuys is available from Rio. I love the top so much, it really is a very nice hotbuy.

The real version is by Bensoni and both are very similar in shape, but the colours are different. I like them both in their owns ways and they both would be a nice addition to a wardrobe.

Do you like the top? Will you buy it?

Monday, May 30, 2011

YSL tribute store

I am really glad there is a new tribute store, it feels like an age since the last one. The clothes are all inspired by YSL spring/summer collection 2011. They are quite high prices, compared to normal clothes, but not any higher than the price tribute stores normally are.   

Here is the store, which you can find in starplaza. As you may have noticed stardoll changed the colours to bright shades of pink and purple, in some cases. 

These are the real clothes by Yves Saint Laurent, I like some individual pieces, but this years collection had some much nicer clothes. I really hope stardoll add them into the store later.

Do you like the original colours, or the colours stardoll changed it too? Will you be picking anything up?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stardoll makeup makeover 3

Hey there,
tutorial i done
please watch and i hope you like

xx natasha-rox286 / tash

Friday, May 27, 2011

June Hotbuy's

Next month's hotbuys have been revealed. I like some of the pieces and I also dislike some of the pieces, but the Mcqueen inspired, butterfly shoes are beautiful, I can't wait for them. I also like the flower green dress. There is a theme of feathers and nature to this months hotbuys, from what I can tell.

Bag from H&M,

Trousers by Balmain

Dress by D&G
D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Dress inspired  by Marc Jacobs, but it has been edited a bit

shoes by Alexander McQueen

Do you like this month's hotbuys? Do you know the inspirations for any more?

Hotbuys dress

The Evil Panda Hotbuys dress has been officially released, it was out a while ago by accident, but now you can buy it, if you missed it before. It costs 23 stardollars, which is a pretty high price, but it looks so nice on medoll's that I want to buy it anyway. It is a nice shape and the bold colours make it easy to add, matching accessories to.

The real dress is from Bensoni and can be seen below. They are virtually identical, but in this case that isn't a bad thing. I wish I was rich so I could buy the real one, ha ha.

Do you like it as much as I did? What have you thought of the hotbuys this month?

New Media Partner.


Its been really long ago sinds i posted a topic on this blog,
and im really sorry for that,,

But i was just to bizzy with school and my new job..


We have a new Media Partner :-)

Owner: The Lovely DEMI_LAVANTO_2

its called: 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hotbuys Bag

It has been a busy week for stardoll with Beach Villa, but after so many updates it seems to be working again. Anyway, enough of my chatter, the hotbuys bag is out and costs only 11 stardollars, from Rio.  It is a nice shape and the colour is very nice, however it isn't my favourite hotbuy, it just needs a bit of something extra, but it could really work with an already very accessoried outfit. I am tempted to buy as it is a nice price.

It is inspired by a Chloé party bag, as shown below.

Do you like the bag? Do you think the prices change vastly this month, for hotbuys? 


PPQ have even more clothes out  today. I like them every bit as much as the last wonderful collection.  They have many of the same type of colors and patterns and fit in very well. The prices are still from 18 to 30 stardollars as is normal for PPQ. The clothes are very well made and look extremely 3-d.

They are again inspired by the real PPQ collection for Spring/Summer 2011.

Do you like them better or worse than the last PPQ? Do you think they are well made?

Monday, May 23, 2011

New store- Golden Sands and Beach Villa

This is another new furniture and decor store, available from starplaza and suite shop. There are non ss items and ss items, starcoins and stardollars.  The bad bit is you can't buy any of it unless you own the Beach Villa. It was released earlier today and you can buy it now.

I like the dolphins and the motorcycle is really sweet. They aren't overly expensive and some are animated.
Here are the views of the store....

Then on to the beach villa
It became available just a little while ago and it costs only 199 stardollars. This may seem like a lot, but it is sort of like penthouse and this makes them the same price. It comes with different animated rooms, different styles and to get to penthouse and beach villa, you have to use the small arrow I have highlighted.

To choose what room you want you can edit it and it is like having an entire island in your suite.

You an only have two rooms open for Beach Villa, but there are lots of different styles you can swap into those two rooms.

Will you buy it? Was it worth the wait?


New Windows on the World

There have been a few new clothes released for Windows on The World. They are inspired by Rami Kashiu, Lama Hourani, Aennis Eunius and they all come from Arabia. They are up and coming designers and I think that some of Aennis's shoe designs are beautiful. They have alot of detailing and swirls.
Here are the new items

These are the real shoes by Aennis Eunis, so far I haven't found the rest, but I will keep looking.

Do you come from Arabia? Does it please you they are showing these designers?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stardoll makeup makeover 2

Hey every one again
i made another video.
ands a bit much easier than writing a whole
tutorial. I hope you like
tell me what you think.

xx natasha-rox286 / natasha

Stardoll makeup makeover

Hey there,
i did a video of a makeover.
sorry if it's 2 slow
but please watch and tell me what you think


xx natasha-rox286 / tash

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rivera-new store

This new store has many clothes in it already. They are all very stylish and look great. The graphics are well made and they fit medolls well. The prices aren't to bad and they will suit the new beach villa theme. I am tempted to buy the whole lot.

Do you like the new store? What do you think of the beach villa theme?