Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am so sorry I have no posted a article for so long. But my main account banane-choco got deleted so I had no where to go and to do articles.
But I'll soon get it back, and I'll be writing about Inspired Looks for summer and Spring! :)

Today, I'll be talking about the BEACH.
When you go to the beach or a pool you put on a bathing suit!

Now the key to a nice outfit is to start by choosing a nice bathing suit:
Spalsh Gold lined cut Out one Piece. PPQ Dot Bikini Bottom and Bow
In Bazar for ** Price

Now After you have to find 2 items of your choice. You have to keep it natural and not overloaded.
I Choose a Necklace and a Bag.
The Bag is always oversised cause it reminds alot of the summer and beach and pool...

Outfit 1

So for this outfit The Colour is Gold and White. This outfit is pretty sober but if you add a nice red lipstick it becomes Fierce.
The Chanel bag is perfect cause there is White and Gold, it is matching very well with the bathing suit.
And a Chanel Bag always makes an outfit more fancy.
The LE necklace is very beautiful and you can wear it with almost everything.
The Shades are Cute but in this outfit, if you don't have them you can still do this outfit.

All Items are bought in Bazar for ** stardollards.

Outfit 2

Now this outfit is more Fashionable, it's Black and white.
The Bisous necklace has a paticular aspect. You can see cercles and some squares.
Wich brings in this outfit a very geometrical side.
The Oversised bag RIO brings a touch of Gold but still keeps the outfit sharp and fashionable.
The Big Shades lets us think that it is a VIP in her Black and White bathing suit.

Now for a nice bathing suit/beach outfit don't forget these steps:
-Choose a nice bathing suit. Be original.
-Pick 2 items: Shoes, bags, necklace, earing...
-Take your time to find the perfect 2 items: Start by your closet than find the Starplaza and Bazar.
-A Long necklace and an oversised bag is perfect!
-Not to Overloaded.
-Some nice Shades.

Have fun and if you did a nice outfit take a tynipic and put it in a comment below:
The best outfit will get 7 gifts in his suite! :)

-Sabine/banane-choco xx


  1. where do you get the PPQ mayfair dot bow bikini?? i reallllyyy want it