Friday, December 31, 2010

Free mini bag (non-ss & ss)

If u are from poland , enter the contest  HERE

If u are not from poland, follow this steps:

1) Go to a proxy like:

2) Paste this link in the url box:

3) Click GO or OK

4) Log into stardoll

5) Now post this link in the address balk:

6) Click GO and wait till the page loads

7) Leave the proxy, and go to your own stardoll

The bag should be in a giftbox in your suite..
This bag is available till 10-01-2011 so hurray :]

FREE: Voile Chiffon Red Dress (SUPERSTAR ITEM)

If u dont live in Poland, Use a proxy like :

Paste this link into the URL box and click GO or ENTER

Log into stardoll,  then paste this link into the URL box and click GO or ENTER
after u loged in paste this link in the URL box and click GO or ENTER

Log out, and dont forget to leave the proxy..  The gift should be in a gift box in your suite.