Monday, May 23, 2011

New store- Golden Sands and Beach Villa

This is another new furniture and decor store, available from starplaza and suite shop. There are non ss items and ss items, starcoins and stardollars.  The bad bit is you can't buy any of it unless you own the Beach Villa. It was released earlier today and you can buy it now.

I like the dolphins and the motorcycle is really sweet. They aren't overly expensive and some are animated.
Here are the views of the store....

Then on to the beach villa
It became available just a little while ago and it costs only 199 stardollars. This may seem like a lot, but it is sort of like penthouse and this makes them the same price. It comes with different animated rooms, different styles and to get to penthouse and beach villa, you have to use the small arrow I have highlighted.

To choose what room you want you can edit it and it is like having an entire island in your suite.

You an only have two rooms open for Beach Villa, but there are lots of different styles you can swap into those two rooms.

Will you buy it? Was it worth the wait?


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