Friday, May 20, 2011

New store-Fantasy Hotel

This new store sells decor and is available in suiteshop and starplaza decor area. It isn't very full at the moment, but what is there is really colourful, summery and well made.Someone mentioned it looked like a Disney hotel and in a way it does. There is a  lady piece of art too,it is really unusual and has no head, did anyone buy her?
My favourite item is the carousel horses and they would make a wonderful addition to any suite.

The items are not very expensive (compared to other furniture) and alot is available for starcoins, so non ss can buy their fair share too. This really pleased me and it is nice to see that while starcoins is a bit annoying, it helps non ss get more items. Here are some views of the stores floors...

What would you buy? Do you like it?

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