Sunday, April 17, 2011


Stardoll is a very good place to start trends.
I can remember nearly all of them. But most them are forgotten

Here's the list.

- Mole art
- Lashes on your eyes
- Pink Heart Art - Hair
- SS Star Art - Hair
- Lipstick effect
- Feather fringe
- Headband beehive
- Flowers on your head
- Snow flacks on your eyes
- Eye drop trend
- Blue heart for eyes
- Black and White make-up
- Headbands to make fringes
- Eye lash trend
- Jewellery on hair
- Moles as piercing's
- Moles as gaps / teeth
- Moles as kisser lips
- Black love hearts trend
- Black items to make a fringe

Here's the picture

How cool is that.
I can't believe how many trends there are.

Comment and tell me if I forgotten any.

xx Natasha / Tash

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