Monday, April 25, 2011

BFB - Break From Blogging.

Hey, So Ya! I'm Taking A Break On Blogging. I Write For Like, 14 Blogs And It's So Hard!

I Will Be Back And Blogging On The 4th May! I Will Also Be Leaving Some Blogs (Not This One Though)

I'm Changing From 14 Blogs To 5 So, If I Write For Your Blog I May Likely Leave It. I Also Have My Blog, TST. It Is Really Hard To Run Blogs, As Amanda Will Know, Because You Have To Make Banners And Check Out Writer Applications 24/7!

I Also Do Different Subjects On Different Blogs! I Do Make-Up, Spoilers, SS Dolls, Latest Trends & Random!

My Guest Book Is Open For All So If You Want To Ask Me Something Go To My Guestbook Or My Formspring!

Ask A Question Through Guestbook: HERE
Ask A Question Through Formspring: HERE

Hope You Understand,
Immi x

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