Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New hotbuys waterfall pants

The april hotbuys pants are out. They cost only 14 sd, pretty good to me and they look great. I wasn't much excited by them in the hotbuys spoilers but once I saw them in starplaza I thought they looked really nice.  They are sold from the Fudge store, but you can currently find them listed under new items.

Here is what they look like....

They are inspired by a pair of trousers by Balmain, the Balmain trousers come in different colours and the fact they are meant to look like water has soaked through them, in easier to see in the pattern.

Do you like them? would you buy them?


  1. I Dont Really Like Them On SD, But I Bought Them Coz I'm A Hotbuys Collector :) The Real Life White Ones Are GORGEOUS! x

  2. I don't like it also. I wouldnt buy it i think,