Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Kate's dress for sale

The beautiful Kate Middleton was married to Prince William today, it was so elegant and her dress was a well guided secret, but once revealed, it took Britain and possibly the rest of the world's breath away too.
It was simple, but the lace sleeves, added detail and suited her non showy, but effortlessly gorgeous tastes.

They kissed twice on the balcony and it was heart warming to see the a Royal couple so very much in Love as they are.

To celebrate her dress, stardoll has been working hard the past few hours to transform it into an outfit for Perfect day.
You can buy it there now and together it is not overly expensive.

Here is Kate is her gown, that was designed by the Sarah Burton, she took over Alexander McQueen after his death last year.

And this is the stardoll version.

Did you watch the wedding? What do you think of Kate's dress, in real life and on stardoll?

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