Friday, April 22, 2011

Hotbuys garter released.

The garter hotbuys top has been released and is available in starplaza now. It costs 18 stardollars and is available in Bonjour Bisou. The top fits the medoll very nicely and the pattern is well made. The price is rather high for a simple top, but it is a nice item and that may help convince me and you dear readers to buy it.

It is inspired by Kiki de Montparnasse and it is rather risque as she makes mainly lingerie. However this certain piece is not to revealing and looks very similar to the stardoll version, so they did a good job at replicating it.
Do you like it? Would the price put you off?


  1. Iove it but the prizes keep getting higher and higher the leather jacket was also 18 and all the new am totaly broke !!hahahah.

  2. it looks like friggin lingerie. Not good for a kids website.