Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know i am not suposed to post about this but i was reading a post on the blog the stardolls apprentince and it was about how stardoll is an addicting waste of time!We sit there saving up our money to buy a stupid $10,15 or 25 card just to be able to make your own fahions,sell them,buy all clothes,and make up and ect. I mean i can go to mcdonalds and buy a meal on the dollar menu for less!Seriously!!!Then we get upset or angry when some one hacks you i mean if you dont wanna get hacked stay away from fame (eg: emorox4eva and .marcela..)When i first joined i was mad because i wasnt ss so i got on everyday to see if i could get a free ss(NOT!!) now that im ss i dont wanna be you get bumbarded by random people and wat not!!!!click here to see her post hers gets more into it but dont waste your time on this site its just moments of your life being watsed!!!

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