Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hotbuys for April

The newest hotbuys picture has been released for April. Sp far they have been hugely popular and stardoll really tried to listen to our comments ( the blogs of stardoll) and improved the designs and not one is plain or boring.
I can't wait to see them come out. My favourite is the chiffon Kafta. The shoes are also fierce and the bold pink is a great colour.

I am so happy I worked out how to get the picture that when you scroll over dates come up =]

Here are also some of the inspirations for the hotbuys.

Balmain Jacket, sweater and trousers

Shoes by Miu Miu

Thomas Wylde 

And my favourite dress is inspired by this Kafta by Thomas Wylde

What do you like so far? Good overall?