Monday, March 19, 2012

Please read!

Hey lovely readers of this blog.
I want to apologize for being inactive in this blog.
So im trying to make a fresh start!
& you all can help with that,
To make this blog active again you guys should really comment more!
because most of you never even commented!
And than its no use for me to continue with this blog.
I gave the blog a totally new make-over 
Do you guys like it?

So Please just be more active! and we can make this blog much fun :D

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Amanda/Amandaapje


  1. Hi. I am a blogger too and I love stardoll. It gives me so much inspiration. My blog is not about stardoll, but it is about fashion and other things I think are funny or awesome, or that make me mad. Anyway, I just wanted to say I know how you feel about the commenting thing. My blog is very successful in the sense that I have thousands of visitors from almost 35 different countries... but nobody comments, joins my contests or interacts on my forum. It makes me sad and just like you I often feel like maybe I should just give it up. But you know what? This blog is about you... so keep it up. At the very least, you are gaining experience for the next great adventure in your life and that's something to be grateful for. Just wanted to comment and encourage you. And maybe you can come see my blog sometime.

    Keep up the good work :) I have liked your stardoll blog the best so far. The art work is beautiful and it's not too cluttered. Never give up on your dreams <3

  2. Yup, please be active again ^^
    stardoll: iffahim