Saturday, January 29, 2011

will stardoll go disney?

As the rumors are true.. stardoll had got an offer to sell stardoll to disney o.o
I have nothing against disney. but stardoll wont be stardoll anymore if dinsey would change it to pink dresses and stuff for 9 year old girls

I know that i speak for everyone if i say that stardoll is great the way it is now and it should be like this.

Hopefully stardoll wont agree to this. and see that stardoll should stay the way it is,

in my upinion i would leave stardoll :/
guess we just have to wait for more information about this.

What do you think about this letter?


  1. Wow. Seriously? why would Callie.Stardoll even consider Disney to buy it? It would be so boring if it was like that. Also so childish and 11 year olds like me wouldn't be able to have any fun when you can only dress up fairies and princesses. It wouldn't be like the stardoll we all know..

  2. That is super old! I read that in other blogs months ago!! ;p
    And Mattias Mischke (Stardoll CEO) would NEVER do that!!!